Eric Paslay: A Piece of Me

The third drop from Eric Paslay offers his fans the ability to participate in his latest album release, Even If It Breaks Your Barefoot Friday Night. In addition to the collectible artwork associated with this NFT, purchasers will be included in distributions of money made from the streaming of Eric's project. Each NFT includes 1% participation in streaming revenue from the new album. NFT owners will have distributions sent directly to the wallet containing the NFT from Eric. Please see additional participation instructions.

The celebrated songwriter offers his most valuable assets in this unique auction. Paslay is thrilled to share in the success of his latest project and hopes that this brings he and his fans together like never before.

“I don’t make music to be famous or be cool,” Paslay says. “God didn’t give me the gift of somehow writing these songs and a decent enough voice to sing them to not share them. And through the music I was influenced by, my music pushes the limits in a creative way. I am thrilled to welcome my fans into another side of my career and see us all continue to grow together as this music is shared around the world.”

Eric Paslay Roadmap

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