Eric Paslay: Light Out of Darkness

On March 2, 2020 tornadoes ripped through Nashville and touched down across Tennessee into the late hours of the night and early the next morning leaving in their wake devastating damage to homes, businesses, and families mourning loved ones. Paslay’s home and family weathered the storm but not without losing a few trees on his property. A black walnut that fell on the songwriter’s home in the middle of the storm became an inspiration for the artist to create light from the darkness.

After the storm, while Paslay cleared his yard of debris, he saved the black walnut that fell during the tornado and patiently waited for the wood to dry out. As he began to explore how to share his craftsmanship with his community, he finally was able to utilize the gorgeous wood from that black walnut tree.

This drop will consist of 9 unique lamps hand built by Paslay and exemplifying the light carving through the darkness. Please review all Shipping Terms & Conditions in connection with the drop.





About the drop

This initial artwork from Eric Paslay is the first offering to his digital community. The artwork was designed by Paslay and his brother as the initial inspiration for this collection connecting his fan community to the light he shares with them. NFT holders of the initial collection may be eligible for participating in early access opportunities for future Paslay NFT drops, concerts, recipients of airdrops, and other unique opportunities.

Eric Paslay Roadmap

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